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Longdog Fully Off Road Stock Trailer

Built to a very high standard of engineering and easily adapted to a variety of uses.

1500BO: Internal dimensions: 1500 x 860mm (approx. 5 x 3ft); Unladen weight 150kgs; O/all width 1500mm.
1790BO: Internal dimensions: 1790 x 1000 (approx 6ft x 3ft 6in); Unladen weight 185kgs: O/all width 1640mm.

At a glance

• Timber floor tanalised for long life
• Mesh, side opening rear gate
• Solid 880mm sides
• Swivel hitch for extra safety
• Full width beam axle
• Flotation tyre size: 22x 11 x 8
• Unladen weight: (1500) 160kgs

Starting at £841 plus vat
£1009.20 inc vat
price subject to change, correct of Dec 2020
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