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UBCO Sunday

Well our first road run out was stopped short, like many things in Scotland not by the weather but my lack of proper clothing for that weather.

So initial thoughts......

I’ve ridden and driven most types of vehicle and this one is unique. The absolute silence of the machine is remarkable to someone not used to electric vehicle, very similar to riding a bike without the noise of my lungs reminding me that I am not at all fit!!

Of course not overly speedy at just under 30mph (check out the upcoming FRX1 for speed), but that’s not the point from getting from A to B, field to field, home to coffee shop etc etc, how fast do you want to go?

I watched the livestock in the fields as I drove past and not one even looked my way and the benefit of the quite is I could think about all the fantastic applications this machine could have here in RBS U.K. and we haven’t event touched in its unique 2x2 ability!

What we need to do now is get it into a real world environment, earning its livening and that’s what we’ll do next, so stand by for that over the next week or so.

I heard someone say a statement the other day that is think is very appropriate “people say electric vehicles are the future, but they are not, they are the here and now” and this little Utility Bike is a great example.

Oh and I need to get another one ASAP so my wife and I can go out together if we ever get a summer, what I know it is straight away is fun!

If you are interested in trying the UBCO yourselves we shall be organising demo days for the general public or for a Business user or land owner please do get in touch.


Pictures are from the UBCO app we can use along with the Bike as well as my son Billy whom accompanied me on our wee run out.


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