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Essential Check Ups to Keep your ATV / UTV in Peak Condition

Regularly Check Oil

This is a common mistake that people forget to do, however it is a very important step in ATV and UTV maintenance. Checking the oil regularly will make sure you are not putting extra strain on the motor. It is easy to say "it will be fine" but in fact it can be costly if not done, as it can cause the engine to be improperly lubricated and could lock up.

Keeping it Clean

Cleaning you ATV regularly is important in its basic maintenance. Mud and grime trap moisture against metal, causing rust and dirt to build up in sensitive parts which could cause blockage, overheating and can reduce your ATV's performance over long term.

Check Tyre Thread and Pressure

Having good grip is one of the things that makes off road vehicles so useful. Poorly inflated tyres or worn out tread can hinder your machines ability to climb steep ground making it extremely dangerous.

Loading for Transportation

If you are planning to transport your machine it is important to have the right equipment to make it safe and secure. Loading ramps will allow you to get the machine on and off securely. It is also important to tie down the machine for extra security (please get in touch with our parts department for more advice on the best products available). With the appropriate equipment your ATV / UTV will make the journey in one piece.

Regular Servicing

Lastly it is important to get your machine checked regularly. This will ensure it is running smoothing and is safe. Here at ATV Services on site servicing is available to those of you who cant get your machine into the workshop. We can also leave a replacement bike if needed.

Using these tips will help you keep your ATV / UTV in top condition. Save costs. Speed up the servicing process.


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