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Announcement in regard to Polaris GB and ATV Services Scotland Ltd.

We have been advised by Polaris GB that they no longer wish our company to represent their product range.

This was decision taken by Polaris and we were not consulted.

Of course we are disappointed for those customers that trusted ATV Services Scotland Ltd to supply their Polaris machines but this is something that is completely out with our control.

We asked that we were given access to the warranty system until June 1st to allow our important customers to get through the busiest time of year but unfortunately Polaris felt that was not possible and we shall no longer be able to carry out paid warranty work after May 1st 2018.

As your supplier we do have contingency in place to support and service all our customers going forward and we shall still be servicing and looking after our Polaris customers all be it the warranty repairs shall need to be carried out by another agent which we can assist in arranging of course.

Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this situation causes and our assurances that we stand squarely behind our customers to support you and your machine.

Regardless of what make and model of machine you have if it has our sticker on it you shall be looked after, you trusted us with your business and we take that trust seriously, we shall certainly not abandon anyone.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions on how this situation shall affect you or alternatively Polaris Customer Services can be contacted directly on 01675 437240.

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