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TXGS24 Garden Sub-Compact Tractor

Used in a huge range of applications where a small multi-use sub compact tractor is required, this is the ultimate compact multipurpose tractor. With 3 point linkage, mid and rear PTOs, optional mower decks and front loader the uses for the TXGS24 tractor are limitless.

At a glance

  • Ultimate multipurpose 23hp compact tractor with 2-speed hydrostatic transmission, switchable 4WD, easy access platform and controls 

  • 540 kg lift capacity at the ball ends Independent mid and rear PTO and auxiliary valve block 

  • Options include outlet kit for auxiliary valve, front loader, mid-mount decks and collector

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Perfect for a huge range of jobs in so many different applications, from homeowner or landscaper, to equestrian or sports turf maintenance. Powerful 23hp engine with a lift capacity of 540kg allows this reliable workhorse to be extremely versatile. Whether working with the loader, mowing the grass, or operating a huge range of implements, the uses for the TXGS24 compact tractor are limitless.

Flat floor operators platform offers plenty of foot space for the driver with easy access on and off the machine. The Hydrostatic transmission with auto throttle helps to save fuel for economical use. Simple operation with three ranges available to suit work demands along with 4WD and diff lock.

Drive over mid mount mower decks allow easy attachment with rear, side or mulching discharge with optional collector. High ground clearance of 150mm when the deck is lifted so you can easily negotiate over uneven terrain and up kerbs.

An optional front linkage with A Frame and front PTO can be fitted to allow implements like a snow plough or brush to be utilised.

Starting at £13,443.00 plus vat
£16,131.60 inc vat
price subject to change, correct of Jan 2021
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