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TH5370 HST Cab Compact Tractor

A mid range tractor ideal for large sports pitches, where lightweight machinery is required, but high horse power and exceptional lift capacity for its size cannot be compromised. The compact dimensions also make it perfect for cattlesheds and greenhouses, where manoeuvrability is essential for daily tasks.

At a glance

  • Powered by the new 25.7 kW(35hp) ISEKI Stage V, 3-cylinder turbo diesel with common rail injection,  EGR, DOC and DPF.

  • The Servo HST has three ranges with response, speed and cruise control with memory function. 

  • Braking is 4WD even if 2WD is normally selected. 

  • Rear PTO has two speeds 540/750(540e) rpm plus a 2000rpm MidPTO

  • controlled by the 3 mode switch Normal / Soft / Automatic.  

  • Lift capacity is 1200kg at the ball ends. 

  • The factory fitted cab is fully air conditioned and has a  heated rear window

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It’s light footprint offers minimal turf damage, whilst the high lift capacity allows the use of numerous rear mounted and PTO driven equipment. The standard mid – PTO can run a mid mount mower deck. A front hitch and PTO may be specified for use with a snow plough, sweeping brush or front mounted mower. All these options means the TH5 range of tractors is capable of running a huge range of equipment, making it invaluable all year round.

The TH5 range has ISEKI’s newly developed Stage V compliant engine, fitted with common-rail injection and exhaust after treatment.
This results in cleaner, quieter, more fuel efficient engines. Its 3-cylinder Turbo 35hp or 40 hp diesel engine offers high torque at low engine revs for a quieter but more powerful performance.

Designed and built with cruise control, 3 range hydrostatic transmission and 4WD means the TH5
range of tractors is capable of any task it is faced with, whilst being straight forward to for the driver to operate.

Starting at £30,890.00 plus vat (with cab)
£37,068 inc vat (with cab)
price subject to change, correct of Jan 2021
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