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With lower running costs than the equivalent size petrol machines, this machine has easy to use controls including hydraulic deck lift and electro-hydraulic deck engagement. The SZ range is powered by a 30hp diesel engine with the choice of either a 63” or 72” rear discharge deck. The controls are zero turn making the mower highly manoeuvrable making it the ideal mower for cutting areas where there are many obstacles, enabling the operator to work efficiently. Due the to compact size it also has the ability to access tight spaces with ease. With these attributes and high torque the SZ330 has supreme productivity ideal for cutting large and difficult areas.

At a glance

  • 30 hp diesel  Zero-turn mower for complete manoeuvrability

  • Hydrostatic transmission for effortless changes in direction

  • Electro-hydraulic PTO engagement

  • Productive 63″ or 72″ rear discharge decks available

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Designed as the ultimate manoeuvrable zero turn mower, with simple HST transmission for effortless changes in direction, the SZ330 can take on even the most difficult areas and cut around obstacles with ease. Its high torque 30hp engine gives you the power to tackle undulating ground and is perfect for cutting large areas.

The deck is placed directly under the machine allowing for a pristine mown finish even when there are numerous obstacles to cut around, decreasing the time it takes to complete the tasks. Available with either a 63″ or 72″ rear discharge deck the SZ330 enables you to mow large areas as efficiently as possible. The view from the operators platform is uninterrupted with controls that fall easy to hand so minimising fatigue on the operator whilst working.

Stored under the front cowling of the machine is a jack which can be easily removed to hold up the front of the machine in order to gain access to the underside of the deck, perfect for carrying out blade checks or maintenance on the cutting unit when you don’t want or need to take deck completely off the machine from the side.

Starting at £15,928.00 plus vat
Starting at £19,113.60 inc vat
price subject to change, correct of Jan 2021
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