DX4 Basic EPS

DX4 EPS is synonymous with power and manoeuvrability. The EPS electric steering enhances the vehicle’s steering feel by adding grip and control. The result is a comfortable 4×4 that’s just perfect for getting around large estates or trails.

At a glance

  • 993cc Yanmar Diesel Engine 

  • Electric power steering EPS.

  • Front and rear receiver

  • Adjustable shock-absorbers

  • L x W x H: 3414 x 1656 x 1973 mm.

  • Ground clearance: 309 mm.

  • Towing Capacity TEC: 907 kg.

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Olive Green
£15,999 plus vat
£19,198.80 including vat
Price up to date as of 1st Oct 2021