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TGF350 Game Feeder

The TG350 Trailed Game Feeder saves time and effort with the ability to carry around 300kg of feed as standard, with optional extension sides taking capacity up to 500kg.

Simple remote electronic operation means feeding can be controlled from cab for ease of use. Featuring an all- steel, fully galvanised construction makes it a robust unit designed for easy towing and long durability.

At a glance

  • Simple tool-less feed rate adjustment

  • 22x11x8″ floatation tyres as standard

  • Low fill height for ease of loading

  • Heavy duty reinforced mudguards

  • Industry leading 350mm (14″) ground clearance

  • IP67 sealed electronic controls

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Download Info Sheet

Added Options

Additional Control Box c/w wiring & mounting plates

Extension sides to increase capacity by 250L

25x13x9” oversize tyres

Road Legal Version c/w LED Lights, 20.5x8x10” tyres, suspension axles.

+£350 PLUS VAT
+£150 PLUS VAT
+£200 PLUS VAT
+£650 PLUS VAT
£3325 plus vat
£3990 inc vat
price subject to change, correct of Dec 2022
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