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MF350 Mounted Feeder

The MF350 Mounted Stock Feeder (Sheep Snacker) is an electric drive spaced-drop feeder designed for fitment into a UTV or 4×4 pickup bed. Featuring fully galvanised all-steel construction & electronic operation with high-visibility digital counter ensure the right amount of feed is dispensed, exactly where you want it.

At a glance

  • 350 litre capacity spaced drop sheep/cattle feeder

  • Electric operation and digital counter

  • Fully galvanised, robust construction

  • Unique countdown function

  • Offset drop to avoid tow bar

  • Fits all popular UTVs

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Download Info Sheet

Added Options

Additional Control Box c/w wiring & mounting plates

Extension Sides



+£350 PLUS VAT
+£150 PLUS VAT
£2000 plus vat
£2400 inc vat
price subject to change, correct of Dec 2022
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