FT350 Trailed Feeder

The TF350 Trailed Stock Feeder (Sheep Snacker) features fully galvanised all-steel construction & electronic operation with high-visibility digital counter ensure the right amount of feed is dispensed, exactly where you want it.

Drop size is variable from 0.5kg to 2kg (approx), and drop spacing is controlled by the forward speed of the ATV, UTV or Quad with a 300kg hopper capacity as standard.

At a glance

  • 350/600 litre capacity spaced drop sheep/cattle feeder

  • Electric operation and digital counter

  • Fully galvanised, robust construction

  • Industry-leading ground clearance

  • Choice of wheel/tyre options

  • Unique countdown function

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Added Options

25x13x9” oversize tyres

Twin axle in place of standard axles, c/w mudguards

Extension sides to increase capacity by 250L

Road IVA Legal Version, LED Lights, 20.5x8x10” tyres & suspension axles.

+£125 PLUS VAT
+£600 PLUS VAT
+£100 PLUS VAT
+£500 PLUS VAT
£2050 plus vat
£2460 inc vat
price subject to change, correct of Dec 2020