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Traxter HD10 X MR INT - NRMM

Torture-tested to dominate changeable conditions, this workhorse is mud-ready from winch to tail, including snorkeled intakes and Smart-Lok

At a glance

  • Heavy-duty Rotax® engine

  • Smooth, durable and responsive transmission

  • Advanced comfort and intuitive cockpit with optimized visibility

  • Multifunction cargo box with sturdy tailgate and smart storage

  • 1-year maintenance free and easy access to key maintenance components

  • 83 in. wheelbase

  • 15 in. of ground clearance

  • Dynamic Power Steering (DPS)

  • ECO™ / ECO™ Off / Work modes

  • 2,500 lb towing capacity

  • Multi function cargo box

  • Rear differential with Turf mode SPECIFIC TO TRAXTER X mr PACKAGE

  • 64 in. wide with Arched A-arm

  • LED Signature

  • Smart-Lok front differential

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Iron Gray & Manta Green
price subject to change, correct of Jan 2021
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